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This book will educate you about different types of Firefighter Physical Ability tests and how to prepare for those tests.

The Candidate Physical Ability Test, better know as the CPAT is one of the most challenging Firefighter fitness test for the candidate.

Preparation for the CPAT test is a must. Being physically fit is obviously important but knowing and practicing make the difference on success.

Get my ebook now so you can start preparing for any Firefighter Physical Ability test.

In the book you will find:

* Description of each CPAT events
* Workout information
* Success planning guide
* Websites to help you succeed

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If you still need some more information to help you decide on you purchase here is some information you need to consider:

In physical terms, firefighting is an extremely demanding occupation.  It requires agility, strength, and stamina. The firefighting environment is hazardous and constantly changing.  Firefighting calls for the wearing of special protective clothing and breathing equipment and the use of tools that are often heavy.  Because of the extremes encountered in the firefighting environment – hot and cold, wet and dry, night and day, clean and contaminated air – the protective clothing and equipment must be durable and effective.  The need for these qualities has led to the development of equipment that is often heavy and cumbersome.

Given the demands of the occupation – saving life and property, the challenges of the environment, and the weight and constraint of the protective equipment, the need to ensure that firefighter recruits are physically capable of learning and performing the tasks required is obvious.

The physical agility examination is designed to evaluate the candidate's ability to perform firefighting activities.  In the recent past, the courts have held that the physical agility examination must be related to the tasks that are actually performed by firefighters.  Studies reveal that the firefighter must have a high level of aerobic energy, strength, and significant

 ability to resist fatigue.

I personally guarantee this ebook will help you be successful. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied I will refund you're money. That's my promise to you. 


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